What do you think about this outfit for the ball?? Pics!!

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  1. Hello! I have a military ball coming up in May and I pulled this together... what do you think about it? Some said its a "lil" out there but ppl like and know me for being a "lil" out there :smile: Hope you like it!!! I LOVE Ditas hair.. I have naturally HUGE curly hair and the hat just wouldnt work with it... soooo Im goin to get it done like hers :smile: an maybe her make up to? THANKS LADIES!!!

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  2. The hat and dress are great together but the shoes look like they belong with another outfit (they're hot though!)

    Just my opinion...
  3. i love the hat, but i think it would look even more spectacular with a dress that has a pencil skirt rather than a pouf (i like the fitted tube - top part of the dress with the hat though). i have to agree about the shoes, i like them, but not with the other two items. just my humble opinion!
  4. thanks ladies!!! girl....if i didnt have a freakin "baby belly"...shes 2 and i still have it... then heck yea id wear a tube dress! hahaha.... i would DIE to wear one. about the shoes... they are a MUST for the ball...lol been freaking out wanting to wear them there...any other dress suggs? Maybe a plain black dress with the shoes and hat? Ill keep looking... the only part i have right now r the shoes :smile::yahoo: thanks ladies!!
  5. i was going to say i liked the outfit as is! The shoes add a little edge to the 'glam' part of it...then again I've been known to be a little out there with my outfits as well! and I absolutely LOVE Dita!!!
  6. its funny.. i think i might have to go with everything... its just when i look at the pics.. i get a HUUUUUGE smile on my face!! lol
  7. i like the puffiness of the dress, i kinda want it bigger...do you think if i take it somewhere they would be able to make it bigger? lol my theme this year is..."sexy dirty peacock" hahahahahahaha Im trying the green.. i know it would look great cause im sooooo freakin white...like see thru almost :smile: any other color and i would have to spray tan....did that year before last....didnt turn out so well...hehe.. black dress..orange jen :wtf:
  8. I honestly love all the pieces.. but not together. the hair you are planning to wear is, along with the hat, very 40's.
    But the shoes are modern, and the dress too short for a 40's look. I just don't think it all goes together..like mixing different eras seems a little weird to me

  9. LOVE that outfit. Seriously, do it, you'll look HOT! Especially with those DROOOOOOL WORTHY shoes! (Oh man, I wish I had them, or at least their counter-twin from Jeffrey Campbell (If anyone knows where to find them, holla pls. lol)).
  10. get another shoes if you choose that dress+hat. or drop the hat if u like the shoes+dress
  11. I :heart: the outfit you've picked out... all of it! :tup:
  12. i think that it could all totally work, if given the right treatment...if you understand. But you are mixing different era's, then again fashion is about mixing it about. If anything you may need to lose the hat and hair, if the dress and shoes are going to stay.

    I would choose the one thing you want to keep, so I think for you its the shoes and work around that.

    Let us know what you decide :smile:
  13. I like all of it. I say wear it! You did a great job putting it together. The hat adds personality
  14. I also love it! The shoes will add a bit of edge...and the hat a bit of fun!! I am sure you will lok wonderful!
  15. Just a note, folks - please continue to keep politics out of your avatars and signatures.