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  1. I like this bag, it is very basic and does not scream "look at me I have a huge lock hanging from me" (not that there is anything wrong with that, I am a paddy owner.) I just like the simplicity of this Chloe.

    Sometimes one may wish to be more discreet, the measurements are 11x9x5 (I think) :amuse: Photo is courtesy of net-a-porter, they have this for sale right now. Oh, they are simply calling this "small tote bag"

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  2. I kinda like it.. I saw it there too and had a second look:smile: It reminds me a bit of an LV Josephine pm, for some reason.. maybe the boxy nature and the metal feet. Quite cute:smile:
  3. That is a very cute bag, Loganz! I love that it is minus a padlock!
  4. I like it too! A small version of Gladys...
  5. It's a cute bag, but awfully plain and "luggage-y" for a pretty big price tag. I just don't know. The Edith is about as plain as I would want to go with a Chloe.
  6. I guess a bag like this requires us to ask ourselves if these bags are worth their price tags; I like to think that they are, and that a classic style like this one is actually the better bargain at $1500; because it is not a trendy bag that I might not want to carry next year.

    just playing devil's advocate. :amuse:
  7. I like it, but one thing that bugs me is how the handles are attached to the bag. I think the straps go too far down on the bag, so you're looking at two big black rectangles.

    I like the simplcity of the bag, though. Would work for when you're wearing a killer outfit (black leather jacket, perhaps? :P ahem...)
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  8. I agree w/ Christina. I definitely like the bag, but the handle thing bugs me too....
  9. I agree with you! It is not trendy, more classic and will probably get more use through the years...hence...yes worth the $1500 because you will be paying for quality (of craftmanship and material!) I like it!!
  10. I don't like it.

    Sorry, I'll be honest, it's very generic looking to me. The leather isn't making me drool nor is the design :sad:
  11. Too bad it is not up on NM or BG; I am sure it will hit the States eventually.

    Some bags need to be seen IRL to get the final nod or the nay. :P

    I still like it though...:noworry: :lol:
  12. LVR has it...if you want to buy sight unseen, I am sure you could save a few $$$.
  13. I don't like it.

  14. Sorry, the first impression was "Ewww, what's this, Frankenzipper?"
    The handles bother me a lot, they don't give it a very finished look.

    With Chloe, bags sometimes grow on you (Kerala grew on me so fast it was practically humping my leg), so this may be one of those, but not for me.
  15. sorry, i do not like it either. maybe in a different color?