What do you think about this Mulberry Roxanne?

  1. Yes, it appears genuine although you should be aware that antique glace needs to be handled very carefully or it will become patchy, lose its sheen and in certain lights have sort of greeny/translucent areas (very difficult to describe). It can't be handled in the same way as standard darwin.
  2. I agree - I think its genuine. Have to agree the antique glaze does not wear as well as the darwin leather and this is something you need to consider if you intend to bid:smile:
  3. the listing has gone ....
  4. VERO does tend chase Mulberry fakes a tiny bit better than other brands.
  5. as Jazzyjay said in a different thread , they don't always take them off for being fake , there are other reasons , the wording of a listing can be deemed as wrong so off it goes ....
  6. I can't see the listing but did this thing come with a receipt and a very convincing story by someone who would genuinely own this type of bag. I am sure that you are aware that Mulberry fakes can be utterly convincing, much better than Chloe etc. There are chains of innocent people selling fakes that they believe are authentic.