What do you think about this mosaic wristlet??

  1. I am thinking about getting this wristlet, since its so colorful. What do you guys think?

    (pic from eBay) (eBay member roaringlion1960)
  2. I have it and love it. I get lots of compliments whenver I use it. Before buying on eBay though you may want to check outlets...I know I've seen it a few times at various outlets over the last few months. May be a better price.
  3. I think it's cute. I like the wristlets better than the bags from this line. Not sure why. I just like it in a smaller scale I guess.
  4. Thanks for your feedback ladies!
  5. Love It !
  6. I would check the outlets as someone said above. I just bought that on Friday for 49.99 & 20% off.
  7. I love this wristlet! I should have bought it at the outlet when I saw it, but sadly I didn't. :sad: Is there an outlet close by that you can check out before you buy it on Ebay? You might be able to find one there for a cheaper price.
  8. Thanks for your advice. :smile: But, the closest outlet near me is about 3 hours away... :sad: So, I guess I have rely on ebay for now...
  9. Any more opinions??
  10. i'm not really hip on it.
    just not a look i like.
  11. I love it Maggie i was going to get the purse i saw it at Marshall's its like a discount store that sells designer brands. I didnt get it know i regret it. But its lovely.
  12. its relle cute.. a girl at my school has the hobo to match! Though I would much rather the wristlet, since the pattern is cute in smaller styles.. the hobo looks too overdone! love the wristlet!
  13. I like this style in the metallics a bit more than these colors, but I think it's adorable nonetheless. I definitely like it as a wristlet more than a bag.