What do you think about this Lady Dior color?

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  1. TPFers I wanted to hear your thoughts on the color of this large Lady D in Jean lambskin.

    Am pretty set on buying a LD for my next bag. I saw the Jean color at the boutique and fell head over heels. Coincidentally I wear a lot of jeans and the color really goes well with all shades of denim. I also tried on other shades of blue, I looked at the darker blue but side by side the Jean color really popped out more and looked more expensive. I even asked if the SA could wear both for me outside the boutique in direct sunlight and in the end the Jean was the winner.

    But I wonder if you guys have the same doubts as me in it being more of a trendy color? Do you think 5-10 yrs from now this color will look outdated? Is this a color you would get tired of after using the bag for a few years?

    Am just wondering if I should go with more of a timeless (but somewhat boring) color like black, beige, the practical dark blue or maybe even red. At least the darker colors hide dirt better. And red is timeless and easy to wear with neutrals.

    So my dilemma is whether to go with a color that wows me now but may possibly get tired of a few years down the line, oh and not to mention it would show dirt faster than a darker colored bag. Or go with plain old black (which I already have a lot of) but at least it's classic, timeless, and practical in terms of maintenance, but doesn't really pop out in a sea of people. Or like mentioned get it in dark blue or red (again not that crazy abt them but at least they are timeless).

    Am also attaching pics from the boutique and website for color reference. In the first pic the Jean is the second from the left.

    I know it all boils down to personal preference but I really value your opinions. Thank you for helping me come to a decision (hopefully:confused1:).

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  2. I don't think it's a trendy shade at all. I think it's quite beautiful. I would either go with the red or the blue. Can't go wrong with either. My only thought is that the right red can be worn year round, where as this jean color looks more spring/summer to me. But it's truly beautiful!
  3. the darker blue all the way to left is very interesting ~ you get blue, but not springtime blue (which is what Jean blue looks like in these pics as well as on their website, maybe in person it doesn't, not sure). What is the exact name of the darker blue all the way to the left, if you know?
  4. Red would be an interesting choice too. I'd still get the pop of color which is the change I'm looking for in my collection of neutral bags. And you make a very valid point that it could still be worn year round. Also the red would prob look better as an evening/special ocassion bag compared to the Jean. Just picturing the Jean with a little black dress at night and not feeling the same oompf factor that a red LD would have. Thanks for the insight!
  5. Funny you mention that, that darker blue and Jean were my two choices at the boutique. It's a more versatile shade of blue, but when the SA modeled it out in natural sunlight the Jean stood out more for me. Could be bc the SA was wearing black so the darker blue was lost in her uniform. I have to say though it is less maintenance isn't it. Practicality vs looks - sigh!

    SA said it is from last year but cant seem to remember the name, so sorry. :/
  6. just jumped over to another thread and saw the exact bag that drew your attention, its called midnight blue / bleu de Minuit.

    This thread shows a more accurate color of the bag -

    After having seen the pic do you still find it appealing or maybe even more appealing compared to the Jean?
  7. well, now having seen the darker bag in a different picture, it looks 'deep', like winter ~ so sorry, don't mean to add to your dilemma. If "Jean' color in person, outdoors, does not look to 'spring like', then go for it!!! You can always get a classic color down the line...
  8. ... which leads me to wonder, does Lady Dior come in a turquoise color, which is what it looks like in your original photo???
  9. I think a red LD would be gorgeous! It's perfect year round, a nice pop of color that is quite versatile, and would look amazing with a LBD! I think the jean blue is very pretty, but agree that it seems to be a more spring/summer color to me.
  10. The Jean colour looks quite timeless. It is more neutral than most other blues because it has a grayish tone, which makes it easy to match things with. Being a lighter colour, it will show dirt more easily, but as long as you take care of the bag and use only clean dry hands on the handles, then the bag shouldn't get too dirty.
  11. the first one from the right is stunning,, i love the color :heart: ^^
  12. Thank you for saying what I think I needed to hear :biggrin:.

    Am slightly color blind :cool: but to my untrained eye the jean might also have some purple undertones IRL. Maybe Jean color owners can verify this.

    I gave red some thought but after mentally going through my closet I think the Jean is a wiser addition. I mentioned I wear a lot of blue denim during the day and I usually pair it with tops in shades of grey, purple, lavender, beige, creams, very light pastel pink etc so the Jean is more harmonious and will pull my outfits together whereas with red the focus would be on the bag alone (am I overthinking this lol).

    Red is stunning and perfect for fancy night outs but I rarely do that and when I do its more of a casual hangout kind of night so I could still use the Jean. I still love it though and would like to own one in medium mostly for special events.

    Thank you TPFers for listening to me think out loud and for your wonderful insight!
  13. I agree in your photo the Jean has purple undertones... it is very stunning, post pics when you get it. The one all the way to the right is also quite beautiful, any idea what the name of that color is?
  14. Oh my god I love the colour blue jean! I think you should get something you love instead of worrying about it gets outdated 5,10 years down the line. Plus you mentioned you have a few black bags already. I say get that blue jean!
  15. I think it's absolutely beautiful. Since you already have a lot of black bags, why not go for this? I also think it's a great neutral shade. As long as you are careful about not getting it dirty I think you will be fine :smile: