what do you think about this KOOBA NICOLE? :)


what should i buy?

  1. KOOBA nicole IVORY

  2. KOOBA nicole BROWN

  3. other MAJOR brand

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  1. hey ladies~
    i'm still looking for my FIRST white (or ivory) purse:sad:
    i found out this kooba NICOLE but not sure about BRAND QUALITY.
    i mean..i dont think KOOBA is low quality brand but it's for sure that KOOBA is lower than chanel or prada or fendi, isn't it?

    i think once you buy a bag, you should think about how long you can arry it.:idea:
    so what i'm worrying about is...
    that's why i can't decide yet even though i love NOCILE's design.
    what do you think?

    actually, i dont care about the cost as my dad said he'll afford ONE BAG for my birthday :tup:

    so...should i go for this one and what color is better?

    1) IVORY?
    2) BROWN?
    3) other MAJOR brand?

    ivory.jpg ivory 2.jpg brown.jpg all.jpg chanel.jpg
  2. Kooba is definitely lower than Chanel, Prada AND Fendi but that shouldn't really matter, right? As long as you love the bag, that's all that should matter. ;)

    But if it does matter, I believe Kooba is in the same category as Cole Haan, Furla and Coach. I could be wrong about that though.

    That bag is cute! As for going for another brand, it all depends on your budget.
  3. I'd always choose Chanel first. . . . where'd you find that Chanel photo?
  4. If I were choosing one bag, it definitely would be the Kooba. Very well made and you don't have to baby it, UNLESS it were in the ivory or white color. I wouldn't do it. There have been too many posts about the light colors collecting rub off stain from denim, etc.
  5. I like the brown nicole
  6. I think it's got a gorgeous design, that isn't too trendy as to make it dated in a couple years. And ivory is a great colour for this season, IMO. Lovin' it!
  7. I say you get the chanel let your dad spend the big ticket money and you get the kooba yourself later on.