What do you think about this KENNETH COLE...

  1. for just slinging around?

    Passing Thru - Tote[​IMG]
    • leather tote
    • zip-top closure
    • buckle detail
    • interior side, zip and cell phone pockets
    • 16" L x 8.5" H x 6" W
  2. It's cute. Like the name.
  3. I really like that bag! It looks very sharp, and the silver hardware is nice to see - it is not as common this season.
  4. Great choice!!:yes:
  5. Thank ladies!
  6. Excellent choice.
  7. cute, very versatile
  8. I like it a lot :graucho:
  9. Thats a nice bag. I really like this one. I've seen it in KC. I love the hardware.
  10. I like it ... I think it will look great with casual wear.
  11. Lovely. Nice size and shape.
  12. Cute...looks like a good size for slinging around...
  13. It's cute ^^
  14. Oh, I love it!!
  15. i like the details, size and color of it. i think it's versatile.
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