What do you think about this Juicy Jacket?

  1. It´s adorable. I love it in grey.
  2. I like the grey too. Grey is pretty versatile. you can wear it with all sorts of colours.
  3. i :heart: the grey its stunning
  4. i too love the gray
  5. oooh i can't see it....SAK's website is down.
  6. Nor can I :sad:
  7. yeah not working :sad:
  8. I think it's cute in both colors. Guess I'm no help!
  9. Definitely the grey!
  10. I LOVE this jacket! I think I like both colors equally, so I would suggest to go with what color u will wear/need more.
  11. It's absolutely cute! I prefer the grey but the black is great too!
  12. I purchased the black...even though are you ladies loved the grey. I think the black will work better with my wardrobe.

    Thanks all. :smile:
  13. OH my goodness...i'm torn of the colors as are you........however, maybe i can be of some help...

    oh nevermind...i just saw that you purchased the black... i was going to say the grey looks so good! however the black is more versitile and you can wear it out at night & to more formal events when the grey is more casual...

    good choice!
  14. congrats on getting the coat. please post pics, it's sooo adorable!