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  1. i am an hermes fan myself so i always browse at auction sites. what caught my attention is this seller, a POWERSELLER on EBAY.COM who sells only AUTHENTIC HERMES as she claims.

    kindly check:

    eBay.co.uk: XMAS DREAM! ~Candy PINK Hermes CROCODILE BIRKIN 35-BNIB (item 300057327366 end time 15-Dec-06 20:21:17 GMT)


    http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/brandkan/img/a/gmhe344a/gmhe344a.jpg ,

    she got the last pic on her auction from 1 auction at yahoo.co.jp


    eBay.co.uk: XMAS DREAM Black Beauty! Hermes CROCODILE BIRKIN 35BNIB (item 300057327456 end time 15-Dec-06 20:21:28 GMT)

    http://item.rakuten.co.jp/brandkan/gmhe267a/ ....

    Actually, all of her hermes crocs for sale are in that site. and what she said in her auction listing is that her items are with her in USA.

    Is there a possibility of fraud here? Is she just using an original pic and send a knock off afterwards? is she a reputable seller?

    please advise.

  2. You should probably put this on the authentication thread or the fakes thread under shopping above but great research
  3. As mentioned by other members before, i think she does sell authentic Hermes. However, i am not clear on the link of her relationship with the japanese site.
  4. I have noticed her use a blue roi croc bag from that japanese site a while back, and then she writes all over the pictures that the photos are hers!:shrugs:
  5. If she has the bags in her posession, why not just take the pictures herself?:confused1:

  6. It is okay if she just state in her auction that the item is in japan if that's the case. because it is misleading and she claims the copyright of the pics, which in fact is not HERS in the first place.... :confused1:
  7. yeah right avandome:yes:

  8. thanks liz:smile: but i dnt think that its appropriate for me to put this on authentication thread because the item indeed is DEFINITELY AND ABSOLUTELY authentic ;)
  9. OT: shizuka..I loveeeee the pic in your avatar.....is that your bag? :drool: :heart: :love:
  10. No it's not amour. hehe ;) just got it from the jap site too.... LUKARET!!!!:happydance: MY DREAM BAG :wlae:
  11. well then I don't get it I guess - If she is posting pix from a Japanese site then how do we know she is selling an authentic bag - maybe I'm dense!

  12. I saw the same croc Birkin in your avatar, when I was visiting London last year and shopping at Graff. A very petite woman was carrying it, the Birkin was stunning ! As riveting as Graff's diamonds !