what do you think about this HERMES??

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  1. Wow,it's gorgeous! I'd still question it's authenticity since it's Ebay.
  2. wow, thats alot of money for a bag, is it worth it? I don't think so!
  3. Gorgeous bag!! Excellent choice! What a sweet dad! As for ebay sellers of authentic Hermes bags, there are a few which have been acknowledged as bona fide sellers of authentic bags. Other more knowledgeable forum members will be able to help you out there.
  4. i dont want to sound "arrogant" but i like the bag and i want it as simple as that :sad: .. i come from a rich russian family, and 35,000 isnt a problem..
  5. I say this gently...you don't sound arrogant, just a little spoiled.

    As far as this bag for that amount of $ I guess its all in the eyes of the beholder! But if you come from a wealthy family go purchase it where you know its the real thing. Would I take a chance on purchasing from Ebay? No Way!!!
  6. wow! pretty! The blue one is nice too.
    But is it safe to spend so much money on ebay's items?
  7. Who's your daddy ? :lol:
    If daddy warbucks doesn't mind pissing away good money :wacko: I say go for it :biggrin: .
    If I were silly enough to waste that amount of money on a purse I'd buy directly from a Hermes dealer even if it meant going on a wait list.

    I personally find Hermes bags to be grossly overrated and the pricing absolutely absurd.

    Happy Hermes shopping ;) .BTW the color is pretty :smile: .
  8. well the seller has 100% positive feedback.. but i cannot be 100%sure :sick: . they only accept Money Order & Personal check. hard to tell.... ha? i also have to check Hermes how long i'll be on the waiting list.. drama.... :biggrin:
  9. Are you serious? I'd NEVER buy a bag like that off Ebay. Please, to be 100%, go to a Hermes store. Maybe if there is a waiting list you can buy something else until you get your Birkin.
  10. I'm more interested in "Is he single" :nuts: lol
  11. All kidding aside,unless the seller would allow the funds to be placed in an escrow account for a given period of time and allow you to have the bag authenticated before releasing the funds I'd look elsewhere.
    I don't care how rich your family may be, $35,000 is a lotta cash to put at risk with an e-Bay seller.If indeed the bag is authentic the seller shouldn't have a problem with such a request.

    Oh,by the way a 100% feedback rating doesn't guarantee jacks#%t when dealing with an e-Bay seller.
  12. Cat, the kitty in your avatar is the same as my 2 kitties at home.
  13. I agree whole-heartedly with the advice given. Doesn't matter if you can afford the bag or not, that's a different matter. The issue at hand is buying off someone you are not very sure of. Unless someone you trust here or your friend, etc. can vouch for the seller, you don't have any assurances. And I don't care if it's $10 or $10000, being ripped off is being ripped off. The feeling will haunt you for a long time.
  14. yeah you right ! i rather purchase the bag from HERMES themselves, is just i love the color, i hope HERMES has it..

    i go to HERMES this week and ask how long i'll be waiting maybe is not so terrible as 1 year... I HOPE :cry:

    Thank you for your comments! this is a great forum....:P