What do you think about this gucci?

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  1. OH PGN..it is beautiful! All colors are great..but I LOVE the white and saffron..I don't think the computer does the cognac justice ( really hard to see on the moniter because it is really dark)
  2. Cute but way overpriced IMO
  3. Which bag? The link is just taking me to the homepage.
  4. i like it to some extend..:amuse: if it was the black leather one but with silver hardware not gold! and even white would be nice but not in suede!:worried:
  5. Just when I'm getting used to the idea that a really great bag is going to cost -$1000-$1300. It seems they are all approaching 2 grand!!!!
  6. It's nice, and I'm sure it looks even better IRL... I really like the white, the cognac is nice to... not liking the black so much.
  7. I bought this bag in black at the Gucci boutique and returned it the next day. It is overpriced in my opinion. It's a nice and roomy bag, nothing special. Nothing wrong with Cole Haan, but it reminded me of the brand. Itdoes not look like a $2000 purse IRL.
  8. You know, I was thinking the same thing...several years ago I never could imagine a bag going into the 1,000 range...let alone 2,000

  9. I can always count on you guys:biggrin: You're right-this bag is probably not worth the price. I'm just looking for a roomy black bag. I have a GD charlotte in black on the way-maybe it will be just right(haven't seen one IRL)
  10. Not to get off topic, but Savannah, how do you like your BV Cocker? I'm loving the brown. Do you like the brown of do you wish you had gotten a dif. color?
  11. MY GOD!! I didnt see the price when i first opened the Link!!! :blink:
    i am changing my mind!! Sure its cute.. but not worth all that $!!!!!!! :Push:
    i mean its not SUPER creative or something! Just plane cute!! :amuse:
  12. I haven't seen this IRL, but I like the unique shape of it.
  13. I like this one better. My friend has one and it's beautiful. I personally like the chocolate suede one better. I've seen the suede bag in person and it is luscious :love: and according to Gucci pretty hard to get.

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  14. Greenie, I love the BV. The leather is so soft and the interior is in a yummy suede. This is my first and only brown bag right now. I am usually a black bag person. If you get this bag, get it in the chocolate brown only, other colors don't do this bag justice!!