What do you think about this Gucci???

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  1. I'm on a bag buying binge this month and wanted to know your thoughts and comments about this bag? I wanted something medium sized for the upcoming warmer months (Keep in mind it's already warm in AZ, 80 degrees) It's either this or an LV...discuss.

  2. I like this bag. The handle is pretty! There are so many LVs out there that I think this Gucci would be more original.
  3. ive never really looked at gucci bags, but this one is quite nice! :smile: what kind of LV would you get? Will you be carrying lots of stuff around with you?

  4. Yea, I see your point. I have to admit I'm a real Gucci lover and I tend to always lean towards them but I also have some LV's in my collection and think they're timeless and classic. Decisions, decisions...but I always want to come back to a bag that usually noone has around here.
  5. I have this is GOLD LEATHER. I really luv it, my best friend ended up with the green leather after I got it. So you have 2 votes right here.
  6. Hmm, if I got an LV, probably the Damier Ribera or the Mon Canvas Mini Looping or one of the Batignolles. I'll just be carrying around the basics, nothing too bulky or big.
  7. Right on! As far as the bamboo zipper pull goes, does it feel sturdy or does it feel like if you tug it too hard, the bamboo piece will fall off?
  8. hi ya,

    0o0o, one of the Batignolles would be LOVELY!!! :nuts: But after looking at all the bags, i think the GUCCI is growing on me :biggrin: good luck with the choice and keep us posted on what you decide :biggrin:
  9. It's cute...love the bamboo accents. I have Gucci shoes with bamboo accents, and they make me happy.

  10. I like that gucci bag but I would go for an LV
  11. The Gucci bag is nice and if you love it then get it. I love the handles and the zipper-pull!
  12. i'm a fan :biggrin: . i would get this over the lv...but just my opinion. it has more flare haha
  13. You can't go wrong with LV, but this is a very pretty bag. I like it!
  14. It's a cute bag but looks to be on the smallish side. How does the size compare with the other bags you're considering?
  15. i had my eye on this bag in black..i didnt buy it when i first saw it...and now i regret it...because all the stores in my area dont have anymore...and the gucci website doesnt seem to have any either :sad: