What do you think about this Fendi bag?

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  1. This bag looks good to me but what do you think?
    2.jpg t_3.jpg
  2. hopefully this is bigger picture
  3. Eeekk... this is the bag I wanted! ::Ppush Courtney over and steal her bag:: :lol:

    It looks GREAT on you!!! It's a good contrast with your pink dress so looks like this spy can be used for dress up or down. I originally wanted this spy for work since it is very elegant. Oohh.. that leather... Do you like this bag because you sounded like you're not fully convinced? I say go rock with it!! And welcome to the forum!
  4. ok, I am finally starting to move over to the spy camp:biggrin: i love black, and this spy is elegant as pointed out.
    the dress you paired it up with has finally convined me of spy elegance!

    You should keep it! How much is this spy? approx. 2100?
  5. yes approx $2000.
  6. looks great!!! i love the color of your dress, btw!
  7. OH! The black look sooo good and looks good on you!
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