What do you think about this Birkin -- thinking of buying

  1. Ladies,

    I would be grateful for everybody's always knowledgable Hermes advice and information. :P :P

    What do you think about the linked Birkin?


    (a) In U.S. dollars, it's around $8650. -- What would the U.S. retail be?

    (b) It is a 35 cm, brown with pink piping. It says that it has one of the more expensive leathers -- form corner to corner it's "Cardina"(?!) leather. I may not have the name of the leather correct. Any guess?

    (c) Can anybody guess what the hardware is made from?

    (d) I have bought a bag from her before and am pretty confident that she wouldn't sell a fake. (On her site, she says that she wouldn't have enough guts selling fakes for her prices). However, if you think otherwise, PLEASE let me know!
  2. I :love: it!
  3. I have this bag in a size 30. I paid $7,150 plus about $500 tax. Since this bag is a 35, it should be more. The leather is chocolate box but I'm not sure what it is lined with, although the color is cyclamen. The hardware is ruthenium, darker than palladium. My bag doesn't come with the pink tassle thing. It is a really nice bag and bicolor is rare! It looks real to me, down to the tiny scratches on box!
  4. Thanks so much Birkinbaby! I didn't even notices the scratches (nice catch!).. :biggrin: Do the chocolate boxes scratch more than other?
  5. I am SO loving it, too!
  6. It's the box leather-- it scratches like crazy because it is so smooth! I am not sure the color matters, but I've only had this color so I don't know about other colors.
  7. Thanks so much, that's very helpful.
  8. Hello tokyogirl, it's hard to tell from her pictures but it looks like Chamonix, which is pretty much a "matte Box calf". I don't see that characteristic Boxcalf "glow" so that is why I think it's Chamonix. Have you asked the seller what kind of leather it is? Again, it's hard to tell from the seller's pics but it could be either silver palladium or ruthenium hardware. The bag is lined with goatskin. As for the pink tassle thingy, it's a key ring that's sold separately at Hermes. I've seen them in lambskin and they're so wonderful to touch! HTH!
  9. Hi, LucyndSkyDmnds. Thanks much for your response. I love the bag, but if my understanding that this leather is prone to each scratching, I am going to have to really think about it. (I am not very gentle with my bags I am afraid...)

    Of course, as I was walking out the door to have lunch, I saw a girl with a Black Togo (I think?), 25 cm Birkin....
  10. The 25cm Birkins are awfully cute! For a bag so whimsical I would prefer it in a bright color, though.
  11. I agree with Lucy about 25cm Birkins!
    I wouldn't worry too much about the scratches. On Chamonix and box, they will add to the overall patina of the bag and blend in over time. This is one of my favorite bicolor Birkins. Beautiful and very good price considering the US retail.
  12. Exactly! It's always the first few scratches that kill you but I guarantee that the more you use a Box or Chamonix bag over time, it WILL become even more beautiful. You still have to treat it with care, of course, but slowly you will notice how the leather acquires that distinctive patina as the scratches eventually fade and blend. I bought a 1979 Jige in Rouge H Box on eBay that was lovingly used and had the most gorgeous, even patina. I wish I hadn't sold it but the toile interior smelled a little musty.
  13. Thanks Greentea. I actually redid the calculation, and it's closer to $8100 (which includes tax)!! The good exchange rate, I think, contributes to the great price.... Decisions, decisions..

    Frankly, I think I really want a 30cm (rather than a 35 cm). Considering how hard I am on my workbags, I can't imagine that I will be stuffing documents, laptops in my Birkin. Probably would use it more as a purse...
  14. wow - a great price. That would very close to retail in the US with tax. I'd really consider it if I were you. But, for such an expensive item, hold out for what you really want.
    This particular bag wouldn't be the best choice for a work bag, I'd choose Togo or chevre over any of the smooth leathers. :smile: Tough decision!
  15. \\

    Thanks for your advice, Greentea. I do think this bag is beautiful and would buy it in a heartbeat if I already had a Togo or chevre Birkin (which is really my first choice).....