What do you think about this Betsey Johnson?

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  1. The link's not working....
  2. Not working for me either
  3. its fixed
  4. It looks too trendy for me ...
  5. hmm not my style, but if you love it, go for it!
  6. not really my style,and the first style looks like a chloe bite-off
  7. I've got one bag of hers and have seen others, the quality is excellent for the price. So, at least you don't have to worry about that, if you like the bag go for it! She's alittle too young for me but I love her leopard prints.
    (50) Betsy Johnson Weekender Bag - 195.JPG
  8. I only like Betsey Johnson's Bad Girl hobo. This one looks overdone.
  9. I love Besty J. Her stuff isn't always to my taste, but she's an amazing woman, and one of the most influencial designers of all time. AND, you won't see this bag on the arm of every 2nd girl at the mall. I say go for it.
  10. I like characterful bags, but...

    The first one's a bit too busy and derivative, for my taste.

    The second one is better; but it's still a bit too much for me, sorry! :shame:
  11. I love Betsey but I'm not into those bags. I recommend the Good Girl Hobo bag or the Princess Rose tote.



    I'm meeting Betsey Johnson on Thursday!
  12. Archipelago, is she making a special appearance in one of her stores?! :nuts: I like her alot, great woman.
  13. She's going to be at the big Macy's downtown near Union Square on Friday from 12-1. You have to buy a pair of Betsey shoes to meet her though. I love that lady! :lol: