What do you think about this Balenciaga?

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  1. I like the quilted bag, but it's too small for me.
  2. I like the bag but the Motorcycle style is the popular and classic one and it will always stay this way.:idea:
  3. I'm not a fan, especially after seeing it in person.
  4. Thanks for the replies... Now I can focus on the motorcycle :smile: :smile:
  5. Good choice. I am not a fan of that bag either. It reminds of of a Chanel of Marc Jacobs.:yes:
  6. I dont like it.. i prefer the classic one..
  7. i haven't seen it in person yet and i guess you're leaning away, but SO CUTE is my opinion
  8. i do not care for it at all. sorry. i'd rather go for a Chanel instead.
  9. Not my cup of tea, I prefer Chanel for quilted bags. But I admit that the brown one looks nice dressed up. I' m more the casual type so I prefer the motocycle line.
  10. i prefer the classic motorcycle :P
  11. if you LOVE it, get it! :heart:

    I still havent seen this one in person yet... eagerly awaiting it's arrival at AR, although I'm not sure they will even get it in.