What do you think about this bag?

  1. I found this bag today on a magazine. I love it and wanna get it but I need some opinions ,please. It is exactly what I want. It's my favorite brand Chanel, looks casual, and yeah! It's a tote (My Fav. bag style).

    Thank you!

  2. Anyone?
  3. Hard to tell from the picture what the bag looks like.
  4. Vicky, I saw this biarritz tote at the trunk show and fell in love! I know alot of people on the Chanel forum don't like it because it isn't leather and to them that ='s bad. I on the other hand, have been waiting for the day when Chanel would make something so practical yet classic and refined. I don't know if you've seen it in person, but the quilted area looks like leather (but is vinyl I believe) and the sides have openings (like for a water bottle). The top can actually zip closed, although the opening is large and tote-like. Inside I recall there being a quilted satin-like bag (like in the cabas) as well as an attached black fabric bag. It felt very very sturdy and durable. I am thinking of using it as a diaper bag, but am just worried about the price for a fabric bag...I guess that's just the practical side of me. If I could have any chanel bag in the new line- this would be it. Hope this helps!!!!! I know NM in Houston is getting in a bunch around March. Let me know if you find any more pics of it, I'd love to keep my memory fresh!
  5. oh yeah, what mag was this in?
  6. but i kinda like it, if we are talking about the black chanel tote.
  7. It's a UK "Happy" Magazine.

    I do agree with you too. I don't care whether a bag is made from leather or not as long as it's cute.
  8. Agreed- I can't really see anything other than the quilting and the logo :sad:
  9. nice
  10. basing on picture alone, it does look really nice. would need to see a better pic though.