what do you think about this bag?

  1. I love the blush color a lot, but do you think it is a bit too dressy?? And what kinda colors should I wear with this bag (I wear lots of dark color clothes, rarely wear white)?

    Also, those who have light color patent bag, I have heard horrible stories about color transfer from clothes/jeans to light patent bag and colors won't come out. Should I worry that this could happen to this bag?

    Pic from eBay.
    Blush Patent Flap Bag.jpg
  2. i prefer a matte leather than this one for the classic look :p
    but if you like it, you should go for it. i think the colour is easy to combine with any dark clothes or even lighter. as long as it's not pale blue :p
  3. I think it's perfect with black or brown :smile:
  4. It's a beauty. I think you can wear it with many different things. It will look especially fab with black.

    I probably would tend to wear it more in the Spring/Summer, JMO.
  5. It looks so pretty but I'd be afraid that it would be very delicate...I would love to hear what others say on the color transfer but I have had a few LV vernis and the color transfer was almost a given with the lighter colors. Also the lighter colors tended to yellow pretty quickly from the sunlight.
  6. I love this bag. I think it would look great set against a chocolate brown outfit. I do not think the patent is too delicate, as I have the same color and have had no problems. Good luck.
  7. I'm not sure why but this color is not doing anything for me from the picture. I'm sure it looks better IRL and with the right outfit I bet it would look great! I bet it would look pretty with black or white clothes. Post pics if you decide to buy it!
  8. I like the color and I can imagine how much prettier it is in rl. I think most colors would go well with it: blues, browns, greys, blacks. The only thing I'd be concerned about is color transfer, but I think if you're careful, it'll be a terrific bag to have! Congrats!!!!
  9. It's beautiful! You could wear it with anything!

    I have always found patent to be indestructible. Water washes off and so does the dirt.
  10. thanks all for the ideas. just called Saks 5th in Beverly Hills, they don't have it, I cannot buy from NM so doesn't bother to call. My last options are chanel boutiques, but no one's answering (they are close today?? But the whole SCP is supposed to open!). I am going to SCP to ask.

    BUT......since I am actually broke, I am having a crazy idea.....the more I look at this patent bag the more I want it.....now I start to think what about selling my khaki cabas (yes, I am insane....I waited for the cabas for 2 full months and now I am thinking about selling in order to get the patent blush classic flap....). Do you think I am crazy?? Should I do that?
  11. Sometimes we have to own the bag and live with it for a while before we know if it's true love. If you don't love it as much as you thought you would... then yes, I think you should sell it.
  12. I saw this bag at NM Fashion Island recently, it's gorgeous; even though the official color name is light beige, it looks neutral pink to me. I can see it with lots of different outfits.

    Patent leather is easy to maintain, water and/or dirt can be wiped off easily. I am not sure about this color turning yellow over time since it's not light like white; members here would know.
  13. It's a beautiful bag. I don't know how practical it would be, but it is a stunner. Don't sell your cabas though! You waited so long...and just practically speaking, it's more wearable.
  14. Hi all, since today chanel was closed and I didn't make it to NM, I still haven't seen this bag IRL. But I'm almost sure only NM sells this bag, and I am not buying anything from NM. But I will call chanel 1800 tomorrow to double check. I am not sure how practical this blush bag is, and I am still worrying about color transfer....

    BTW, I used my cabas again today and I also play with it a little with my wardrobe, ok I changed my mind I cannot sell the cabas, it goes with so many things in my wardrobe and it is indeed very wearable.
  15. one SA from Chanel told me that it is real easy for color to transfer from dark clothing to light color patent bags. It is advisable to wear light clothing while using the bag.