What do you think about this bag???

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  1. I was checking the Neiman Marcus website and came across this bag. I think its a really nice looking bag. Just wanted to get your opinion on it.

  2. too many decorations for my taste
  3. That's cole Haan right? The leather on their bags are dull looking to me....jmo.
  4. it's interesting. but a pretty busy bag. the only thing i don't like is the two tassles hanging.
  5. That's a g-series I think. It almost looks like they're trying too hard!

    Although, how does the bag look on? Have you tried it?
  6. not a fan of the silver and brass combo - I like the shape but agree that their may be too much ornamentation.
  7. i like the shape...that's about it!
  8. I know someone who owns it, and it's perfect on her! A lot cuter in person.
  9. Not loving it too much ... sorry. I don't like the chains and the round discs.
  10. The tassles don't match the shape, to me.
  11. This is the g series. I want to try it on. I actually like the look. Sometimes I like to have on a very simple outfit and have the bag spruse me up. I am going to try it on in person. Its about $320
  12. I like this one. Not too much going on to where its distracting. And its different. Haven't seen one like that yet.
  13. Love the shape, but a pretty busy bag.
  14. Doesn't do anything for me.
  15. Odd proportions IMHO. Any pictures of a model wearing it?

    Hm, language question. Do you wear or carry a bag?