What do you think about this bag??

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  1. I was looking on the Nordstrom site and came across this bag. What do you think about it. It sort of reminds me of another bag but I just can't put my finger on it. It is attractive thought.

  2. though the photo didnt respond to get enlarged :oh: .. but from what i see now :idea: .. i like it but didnt like the golden or metalic detail on the left.. i like leather to be left plain without too many addings.. like the :love: ones Mulberry makes
  3. It's Betsy Johnson, right? I saw some carry the bag the other day...very nice.
  4. Is it the "good girl hobo"? I like it, it kind of reminds me of Luella with all of the stuff hangin off.
  5. It also reminds me of the Chloé Kerala tote.
  6. i think it's cute...what is it?
  7. Love it !

    Betsey Johnson, Good Girl Hobo
  8. I can't really get excited about this bag. I think the handles are rather short in proportion to the rest of the bag.

    Just my two pennies.
  9. Looks like the chloe edith tote or the kerala tote. Its BJ not bad for the money less than $400. How is the leather?
  10. I like the bag fine, although I need longer handles. It look like a combo of every bag to me!
  11. I like it, it's been posted a lot on PF.
  12. I really like it!
  13. I like the look! I'm on the hunt for a bag, this is now in the running!
  14. Overall I lile it - buit not sure about the metal side "things"
  15. I think the bag is quite cute. I have heard from other members that it is heavy though. The drawer pull handles are whimsical. I was looking at one at Nordstrom and was told it was quite poular. I thought about getting one on e-bay, but the one I saw was turquoise and most people thought it was a fake and did not believe BJ made a turquoise version of the purse.