What do you think about this bag?

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  1. Valentino buffalo handle bag - top handles have wooden rings with blue rhinestone accents. Ain't it a beauty? I need a money tree!:wacko:
  2. I love it!:love:
  3. very pretty. I love the handles.
  4. Wow, this is the first Valentino bag I'm really excited about. I find most of their stuff too staid for me. :amuse:
  5. I like it, understated but expensive-looking. =D
  6. beautiful!

    the handles make the bag. gorgeous, gorgeous!
  7. OHHHHHHHH we sooo are on the same page! Just posted on the site!! I fell in love with this bag hardcore! :nuts:

    (I didn't even see this thread first- i SWEAR!!)
  8. Haha, I was just going to say that the first page looked mighty familiar ..
  9. Wow! That bag is to die for! So unique and beautiful!
  10. I love it. The color reminds me of summer!
  11. Love it love it!!
  12. how much is it??
  13. I really like it too!
  14. It's $1,650 at Bergdorf Goodman's.:cry:
  15. I love it too, love the color, it's so year-around appropriate
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