What do you think about this bag?

  1. Oh I definitely have thoughts!! First of all, that is an absolutely stunning bag--even after I yelped right out loud at the price ;) Seriously though, chevre (especially CDC which is what this bag is made of) is pricier than other leathers, so even in the boutique it would be at least a few hundred dollars more than a similar bag in veau or cow leather.

    As for weight, Chevre is far and away lighter than Clemence! In my opinion, Chevre is the absolute most wonderful leather for everyday because it's lightweight, and tough as nails. It also has a stunning sheen to it that other leathers just don't quite have. It will slouch far less than a bag done in Clemence, also--this is a more structured and stiffer leather, which I personally like.

    The other thing about this bag is that it's fairly unusual to find a CDC bag in a 35cm size, especially this year. Something about the goats not being big enough...:rolleyes:

    I think it's a stunnerooo and if you can stomach paying the price of two Birkins for one, then this is the one to get.
  2. It is a beautiful leather, I have a Kabana Tote in Chevre that I bought only because I love the shimmer. I talked to this reseller about it and just couldn't bring myself to pay that much over retail, but if you can accept that, it will be a great bag
  3. Gorgeous- I absolutely love Chevre! It is so gorgeous!!! But this seller has to be kidding me with that price! Talk about price gouging!:nogood:
  4. I think that's where that seller prices all their bags, isn't it?? I don't know if it's negotiable via email or whatever...
  5. I think you are right Cynthia- that particular seller really seems to have a HIGH markup on everything! But hey, if people are willing to pay it- that is just supply and demand. I just hope no one here feels the need to! Too many other options!
  6. Just an FYI, I tried to negotiate for it. She laughed at me
  7. Wow! Why am i not surprised!
  8. It's gorgeous and I love chevre, it's great on my HAC. And gold on black is HOT, I recently had the chance to see one IRL. Wooohoooo!!!

    The price though, is waaaayyyy toooo high, that's like almost 2 Birkins!
  9. That's not nice :sad:.
  10. :yes: That was beautiful!! :heart:
  11. I know but that's if you can get one in the store?
    I didn't think that's possible.:sad:

    Btw, thanks everyone for your input - it's very helpful.:yes:

    Was thinking clemence is too heavy and another leather might be better.:confused1:
  12. Hi giselle,

    It is true that at the moment Chevre is unable to be ordered in size 35 cm. Birkins. So, if for you, this would be the very best leather and 100% markup if not offensive, then by all means go for it as this is an incredibly beautiful bag. and this seller has nothing but a stellar reputation.....some of us, myself included, are just reflexively opposed to such a high mark-up, but if you aren't, then it isn't a problem. I am more of a quantity girl at this point in my life so just ignore me.
    However,in terms of Chevre, I have to say that Chevre bag are still being produced in sizes 32cm and smaller at a somewhat reduced rate and there is a new Chevre (not Mysore or Coromandel)that is being introduced in the coming seasons which is supposedly (maybe?) going to be able to fill the vaccuum for the larger bag orders....but they may be awhile off.
    For now there are a lot of great leather options alongside Clemence. (Fjord, Togo, Vache Liegee, etc. the reference threads can be very helpful.)
    What exactly are you looking in your Birkin? Do you have other Hermes bags in particular leathers that you are looking to replicate?
    Sorry to be so wordy with this answer.....

  13. Hi MrsMorris - it's my first Birkin.
    I didn't think you can get any Birkins in the store?
    It doesn't seem possible after reading different threads on here.
    Like clemence - I like the soft feel. Wondering if it's too heavy to carry everyday.:confused1:
    Would like a 35cm with black w/GH. The leather I'm not sure about at this time.
    Trying to figure out what's best.
  14. I completely understand the situation. Many of our members do find their Birkins in stores, although the degree of perserverance certainly varies greatly. I love Blk w/ GH combo. Are you anywhere near a store so that you might look at the various leathers --- if not on a Birkin, but perhaps on other items or in the swatch book.
    There is the theory that the mark-up from 14.5k would best be spent in Hermes building a relationship w/ an SA and you will soon get your Birkin that way as well as have a few lovely accessories to boot. But many other people counter that it is ridiculous to have to suck-up to an SA when you only want a Birkin and why mess around, just cut to the chase and get the bag via reseller. There are definitely 2 ways to look at the situation -- but if you want a longterm relationship w/ Hermes and appreciate their other items it can be both profitable and most enjoyable to go in and begin a relationship with a SA (or try it over the phone, if in person is not possible).