What do you think about this bag? Help

  1. I would get the White GST. I have it and I LOVE IT!!
  2. I like the size and shape but the stiching is not my fav....
  3. I don't care for this one at all. . . I actually really like contrasting stitching usually, but this is too much for me personally.
  4. ok, Im gonna save myself for the gst. thanks everyone!
  5. gst!
  6. good decision. I don't like it at all.
  7. i concur. Stitching is really weird!
  8. ditto.
  9. I don't like it!
  10. not a fan of the contrast stitching at all... a bit too stark IMO! get the white gst =)
  11. OH my good I have this same exact bag in NAVY.. and I love it. Its my favorite bag.. I have never seen it anywhere before. I am carrying it today. If I would have seen it I would have bought it. lol
    Its the most convienant bag ever..... Better than the GST
    DSC00085.JPG DSC00086.JPG DSC00087.JPG DSC00088.JPG
  12. I really like those bags! I like the leather too! :yes: