What do you think about this bag by La Rue?

  1. What do you think about this bag by La Rue?


    Have you seen anyone carry it?
  2. I have it. ^^ It's not too bad and I had people who ask me where I got it cos it's totally not available in my country.

    This is a photo I taken when I just got my bag. The color in the picture isn't that accurate cos of the lighting.

  3. how do u hold it?lol sorry i havent seen this bag before...does your hand or arm go threw the hole? its very nice!
  4. It's different. The armhole thing looks uncomfy for me though.
  5. I like the color, but it looks a little weird!
  6. I like it. Its very country chic.
  7. It's quite unique!
  8. I know but i don't like!
  9. I think it looks cool. I've never seen anyone carry it though.
  10. I don't think it looks nice to me.
  11. It's a cool idea to make such a different bag, but it looks kind of dumpy.
  12. Not sure I like it
  13. I think I would like it if it was distressed black leather and lacked the bronze studs on the corners. I like the idea of it (shapewise) but the execution is not my taste.
  14. I think it's trying too hard to be cool (no offense to anyone who likes it).