What do you think about this bag (Antik)?

  1. Well... Should I get it? I do like it, the leather looks really good! Not sure on the shape though...

    Does anyone have this or would you recommend some other Antik line bag you prefer? Thanks! :smile:

  2. The leather looks pretty but I'm not sure about the shape. It might be one of those bags you just have to see on yourself/someone. Do you know how big it is?
  3. I will tell you...Here is the one I bought and AM SO IN LOVE WITH!:yahoo: It's a perfect size & the leather is amazing, plus the shoulder strap is SO comfortable!!!
    072006_PRADA_FALL01.jpg NMV8990_mp.jpg wimps gitano 017.jpg
  4. ^ Ohh! thompk! Thats the bag I wanna buy this week. I can't wait to get it!!! :yahoo:
  5. I agree -- choose another shape in this line. There's nothing wrong with the one you've posted, but there are so many others that are even nicer!
  6. The size is 12.5 x 9 x 5 ",so I think the size is just perfect for me. I also like the antik cervo hobo... but that might be a bit too big. But one thing is sure: I'm going to have a Prada bag this fall!!
  7. Nita,

    I think that's a very cute bag. While I like the other shapes as well, I also think this shape is very nice.

    Prada has the greatest bags this year!
  8. I think it is such a beautiful bag. Beautiful color.
  9. This is another one that I have and it's a bit big, but GORGEOUS!!:yahoo:
  10. thompk, could you post a picture of you carrying the bag? I would love to see someone wearing it!!:flowers:
  11. :yes: I will get pics tomorrow of me (or someone else) of the bag on!
  12. I've seen that one on Raffaello Network and have lusted for it all summer. I just can't justify the price for though. I like my bags to be edgy and make a statement. That one is beautiful, elegant and tailored. You'd get a lot of use out of it for a long time, but not exactly "edgy" enough for me. I'd rather save up a few more bucks and get this puppy:
  13. ^ I feel the same way Prada Psycho. This bag is so beautiful in person but it's not really for me.
  14. yummmmmmmmmm, i think the antik leather is HOT, HOT, HOT :yahoo:
  15. I have gotten MORE complements on this Prada...than I have on ANY OTHER...they did SUCH a great LINE!!!