what do you think about these sandals?

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  1. [​IMG]

    does anyone own them, how do they fit you? or familiar with Pour La Victoire sizing?

    i actually got them online from Neiman Marcus (bluefly's pic is more color accurate) as a birthday gift for a friend, she's a true size 5 and to me they seem to run kind of big when i received them in the mail.

    hehe i also ordered some for myself, mine haven't come in yet but i'm curious to know what people think.

    TIA :heart:
  2. I like them! Very pretty and soft :smile: I don't own them sorry, so I'm no use with sizing.
  3. I think those sandals are really pretty! I only own one pair of Pour La Victoire shoes, the Felicia, and they fit me true to size. However, I have read that Pour La Victoire sizing is inconsistent - some styles run TTS, some run large, while others run small. I hope they work out for you though, I really like them!
  4. Thanks for your input jen_sparro and kelbell35!

    Hopefully someone on tPF has these sandals so they can tell me how they fit :smile:
  5. I don't own any shoes by Pour La Victoire so i can't help you. But the shoes are really cute. Perfect for summer! :smile:
  6. I had a pair of pour la victoire boots and they ran tts but the shoes i found ran TTS in length but very narrow in width..
  7. i think they're cute! i'd love them in black
  8. Pretty!
  9. Cutee I'd deffinately pick up a pair if I could buy unlimited shoes.. :P
  10. I'm not sure about these...I guess I would like to see how they looked on. :shrugs:
  11. Thanks for your input everyone! Tracking says I'll receive them tomorrow, so I'll upload a pic of how it looks on. Hopefully they fit right :smile:
  12. so cute, I would wear them