What do you think about these rings? Opinions please!!

  1. Yay or Nay on these rings? If Yay, which one would you choose?? Also, if anyone has bought gemstones from hsn.com, can you tell me about their quality...
    Thanks in advance!

    All from hsn.com



  2. Excellent, marvelous, simply superb, any words are too less to describe them.They are a real treat to the eyes.The ring to the right (the one that is seen first) is more alluring.Lucky man whoever has it.Any ways thanks for showcasing them.They are a real treat to the eyes.
  3. I like #1 and #3.
  4. They are pretty.. I like #2 best!
  5. Wow I love all of them. But I really like 3, it really stands out to me.
  6. Where I live, there is an HSN outlet, that stocks people's returns and things that just did not sell well/did not sell. Anyway, they have jewelry and a lot of the colored gemstones are very pretty. Most of the bands have a gold or silver weight comparable to stores in the same price range. Stick with the real gold or silver and not the coated gold, b/c in IRL I think that looks brassy and off color (to me anyway- it's called technibond at the store).

    I have a blue topaz ring from there that was a great deal and it is just as nice as others from actual "stores." My only issue w/ HSN is that sometimes the stones that they use are SO big and I just don't care for many designs because of that.

    I love the third ring too!
  7. I like #2 best!
  8. I love #3
  9. From what I've heard, most of HSN's gem quality is pretty good...

    Out of those rings, definitely #3!!!! :yes:
  10. #3! :smile:
  11. #3!!!
  12. Like the last one.
  13. I definitely like 3 the best.
  14. Thanks for all your feedback guys. I just ordered ring #3 and will post pics once I get it!! :yahoo: