What do you think about these purse holders??

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  1. Any opinions? :smile:

    (pic from shopintuition.com)
  2. Cute!!!
  3. Also, it's important that the decorative piece has a felt backing, so it doesn't scratch the table... I have one and I love it! It's circular and the "arm" is pieced together (as opposed to one big piece), so the "arm" actually wraps around the decorative part. Makes it easier to carry around!
  4. Very pretty :smile:
  5. ok i am new to the whole purse holder thing. those are really adorable! i might have to get one for my niece.
  6. How do you use them?
  7. they look so cute and useful! but how do they work? do they hold heavier bags as well?
  8. oh those are cute
  9. My mom is getting me a similar one for Christmas.

    When you go to a restaurant and have no place to but your bag, you put the decorative end on the table and you can hang your bag from the hook.
  10. Very cute! I would buy it.
  11. A purse hanger works like this (from The Container Store's website):

  12. Will it hold a heavy purse?
  13. I've used mine to hold a heavy tote... the way it's built (assuming it's built well), the heavier the bag is, the more weight it'll put on the decorative item, and therefore "stick" to the tabletop. Hope that makes sense...
  14. they work great! i have some, and they attach to the end of a table.
  15. Which ones do you have?