What do you think about these Naturalizer boots?

  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm just doing a little bit of online shopping, and I came across a nice (to me!) pair of Naturalizer boots that I thought would be good for Fall & Winter.

    I don't have any boots like this. The only pair of boots that I have are a burgundy color with a high, thin heel...Not exactly the best for walking around a city with cobblestones all over the place! I'm trying to build up my shoe supply...It seems like I don't have very many pairs of good shoes. I've got 2 pair of uggs, my red boots, some tennis shoes, a pair of Birk clogs and a few heels for the summer, but nothing that I can really wear in the winter (other than Uggs!)


    I have a wide food, and these boots come in W and WW, so that's good for me! It's so hard finding nice shoes in wide sizes.

    I'd appreciate it if you all let me know what you thought! The heel isn't that high either - so that means I would be able to walk much of the day comfortably in them, and the heel is wide and looks stable, so my feet won't be killing me!
  2. I think they are very classic...and sure to be comfortable! If you like them...go for it!!!
  3. That's what I thought, too Anne!

    They look like they'll be good with jeans, and comfortable enough for me to walk around my Uni and City during the day in the fall :smile:

    I think I'll order them tomorrow! Now I just need to figure out what color...Dark brown or black? lol
  4. ^both!
  5. They do look very good. GO for it.
  6. I think I might :shame: