What do you think about these CL's? :)

  1. Hi ladies! :smile: I keep drooling over the gorgeous shoes I see here haha (kinda can't be helped, since I do have eyes)! :p I was wondering what you think about these simple pumps I've seen (and have been thinking about getting) on NAP?


    I love that they're a unique, fun color in a classic style, and I could see them looking fabulous with black, white, grey, etc. but do you think they're too much, or not worth it in such a bright color (because they'll look dated, etc.)? :confused1: If you hate them haha, then please say so! :smile:
  2. they are a great color but just too pricey for something like that. Im sure you can get something much cheaper and get the same look. $600 way too much
  3. OMG i've been drooling over those too but i don't afford them at the moment. I totally think they are worth it. They are so gorgeous and the amt of compliments u will get on them will make it totally worth ur while. I bought a pair of CL bubblegum pink wedges this year and my friends were against it they thought it wouldn't be worth it cuz of the color but boy oh boy were they worng. The amt of compliments i get on those shoes is crazyyyyyy. PPl will stop me walking down the road and ask me abt them. The other day and lady was complimenting them and she started asking me abt how many ppl compliment me on 'em, it was so funny. But totally worth my money IMO.
  4. Too much for blue shoes.
  5. Thanks for your response. :flowers: Hmmm... maybe that's why I've subconsciously tried to talk myself out of them haha... you definitely have a point. :smile: For some reason, I don't have a problem buying designer bags, but with designer shoes I've either generally looked for deals (I have lots, but not at full price with the exception of one pair of black patent decollettes) or bought more mid priced brands. :smile:

  6. I love them! but are they really only 85mm? They look higher than that. If they are 85mm, then I wouldn't get them.
  7. I like them fiery! They sort of snuck up on nap and when I finally realized they were there my size was out. I so would have bought them since I have been wanting to add a Simple Pump to my collection.
  8. angelie - Hi! Omg haha, I have the same shoes on to me, if they are this pair :nuts:: http://www.footcandyshoes.com/istar.asp?a=6&id=MARPOILZEPPA!LOU&csurl=%2Fistar.asp%3Fa%3D3%26dept%3DF%26manufacturer%3DLOU%26sortby%3D%26numperpage%3D12%26pos%3D12%26
    I couldn't resist them... they're so pretty and summery, and I happen to have a Chanel flap that is the exact same color! :smile: I agree with what you're saying... the blue simple pumps would make an outfit, and oftentimes, a shoe can be the focal point of an outfit v. something that just kind of "goes" with it. :smile: I just might get them haha... yes, they are blue shoes and I understand that people might think "blue shoes, so not worth it" but I think that because they are done in a simple, classic style, I could get my money's worth out of them. :tup:

    smurfet - Hmm... they do look taller, like 100mm, I'm not sure. :confused1: If I get them, I'll post pictures, and the experts (aka not me haha) can help determine the heel length haha. :p

    LavenderIce - Ohhh, yeah I don't have a simple pump either (but then again, I don't have too many CL's haha... your collection from what I've seen looks amazing btw! :drool:), and I was thinking this would be a nice standout addition. If not, what do you think of these? :smile: http://www.barneys.com/b/browse/product.s?productId=505092&source=cart

    Thanks for your opinion gemruby41!
  9. I like the blue better than the red. That blue is striking and like you said would really make an outfit.
  10. That electric blue shade is a STUNNING new, limited-edition color introduced this fall on a few CL styles. The blue leather version sold by NAP is great BUT I will be absolutely honest here and say that the electric blue looks best in SUEDE -- I'm normally not drawn to suede leather pumps, but the transition from kid leather to suede makes a world of difference for that color. I've seen both versions (electric blue on kid leather and on suede) IRL and the suede version truly is out-of-this-world gorgeous. If you buy one colored (i.e. non-neutral) CL pump this fall, I'd recommend the electric blue suede CL -- best choice would be the ROLANDO (which unfortunately is already sold-out and only available on eBay).
  11. I loved these shoes when I first saw them on NAP and I obsessed over them for like two days, then came to my senses. They are a stunning color, but I don't LOVE the simple pump style enough to justify it. IF they were decolletes it would be different story...:graucho:
  12. Ditto to Foxy!

    Though, I haven't seen either IRL, nothing beats that Electric Blue/Suede/Rolando combo! What an amazing shoe that is... I can't help but get excited just thinking about them! Ha :shame:
  13. Hey Mine are actually bubblegum maternas i wish i had a pic to post. I love urs too they are so hot. I am hoping chanel will release a jumbo patent flap in bubblegum pink soon.
  14. Gorgeous color, but I would not get much use of them- I would buy them in black however...
  15. Fiery, I'd have to say I like the blue better than the red.