What do you think about these CL's?

  1. They are OK, I'm not crazy about them. For the price they are you should let her know you're not loving them, you could get 2 pairs you love instead of one you're unsure about.

    If you do get them, I think they'd go with a few outfits, black opaque tights comes to mind instantly.
  2. I agree with Babypie. Go for something that you truly love.
  3. I like them, these would look really hot with a pair of dark blue cigarette leg J brand jeans!
  4. I :heart: the style but not the colour..:rolleyes:
  5. I like the color and I think it would look good IRL. I feel that I would rather receive something that I wasn't completely loving as a gift than spend my own money for it.
  6. I like them, I don't love them. They would be great with a short shift dress or you could wear them with some jeans. If you don't love them though let your mom know. When shoes are that expensive you have to love them to have them.
  7. I like them too!
  8. I really dislike ankle boots so no, I wouldn't wear them.

    That said, you're the one who needs to be sure!
  9. They style is great ... the color is limiting.
  10. ditto lol
  11. I love them:heart::heart:
  12. A friend told me that if you have a single shred of doubt about anything to buy (e.g. shoes), then you really don't want them. I say if you're having reservations about these shoes, then do not get them. However, if you see a pair that you fall in love with immediately, then tell your mom that you really want that pair. After all, even if you get a great deal on a pair of shoes, if you're not going to really wear them then it's a waste of money!
  13. I think they are cute, but not cute enough you know? They are cute as in i wouldn't be upset if i got them as a gift because i could still rock them, but i wouldn't necessarily pick them out on my own. If you loved a different pair maybe you could hint at those! ;)
  14. I like them, but have seen other booties from other brands that are even better looking.