What do you think about these bags

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  1. I like them. I prefer the brown. I find the green a weird shade. I don't think the studs are too much. They're placed in a very tailored manner. Plus I think the leather looks really plush. Let us know if you get it!
  2. I like this bag...I like it in green better though! And the studs make it look super cute!
  3. Not my favorites out of the Goldenbleu line, but the brown is very nice. Look at the rest of their stuff.

  4. I like the brown, but I also like the green becuase it's different. I'd say that if you don't have a lot of bags and plan on using it a lot, get the brown, but if you already have a lot of bags and it wouldn't get as much use, get the green.
  5. I like both colours; the design of the bag reminds me of a croissant! :yes:

    I don't think the studs are too much, at all.
  6. The studs aren't over the top IMO, but the leather is a little blah for me. I NEED texture or 'mottling/aging . . . .'!
  7. Thanks everyone. The reference to a croissant made me laugh! (Totally right). Still deciding between the color. I might try the green as I do have a brown bulga and a tan andrea brueckner bag. I'll let you know when it comes in!
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