What do you think about the Stam Bag in Cherry???

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  1. Hi,

    what do you think ? Is the Stam Bag in Cherry nice? I never saw the Stam in this color IRL.

    I´m not sure how can I match this color with other colors? It works only with black???

    Thanks !!!!

  2. I think it is really a pretty color. I have to go look at it again IRL. This is on my wish list. I don't usually go for the patchwork style...I like the quilted better, but this color looks great in patchwork. I think you could wear it with a lot more than black. Neutrals look great with red. Beige/khaki and red, whites, greys, navy...even browns.
  3. Yep, the cherry is gorgeous in the patchwork. Also, red looks GREAT with not only black but brown, navy, grey...in fact, everything rorosity said!
  4. you should go see it IRL. It is completely stunning. Red works with lots of colors.
  5. ^ i agree. it's definitely a color you have to see for yourself. it looks great in photos, but it is a little bright for me. i think it looks best in the baby stam size. let us know what you decide, and if you do end up getting it, be sure to post pics!
  6. It's killer... to die for!
  7. love the color! really stunning. finally saw it IRL the other day, and EVEN more vibrant in person!
  8. Thanks girls !!! :smile: Nowbody bought this bag until today???