What do you think about the rock?

  1. I'm starting to see ladies walking around with the latest Chanel bag, The Rock. It comes in four sizes and I've seen it in black patent and a burghundy patent. What do you ladies think about it?
  2. it's vinyl...not patent.

    The material reminds me of a plastic bag...love the design...but would never pay so much for vinyl.
  3. I have the medium one, not the HUGE one, in black and i looooove it!! I bought it a few weeks ago and wore it for the first time on saturday and it beccame one of my favorites!! IT's a really fun bag
  4. I don't like the Rock as it is vinyl and the style is not as pretty as coco cabas.
  5. not a fan of vinyl.
  6. hm... not my favorite!
    I can pass this one ....
  7. still have not seen this irl. but based on some of the pictures i've seen it hink it looks good, the size is awsome. there is one picture in the celebrity thread, where it's worn slouchy, which i think looks super hot
  8. I don't really like the vinyl.
  9. Don't like the vinyl either.
  10. Not a fan at all! Vinyl seems tacky to me. (No offense)
  11. not a fan.
  12. I actually have no problem with the vinyl, maybe Chanel is trying to be more appealing to vegans???
    Stella McCartney is doing that with her shoes and bags, I don't think it's actual vinyl like a trash bag but some manmade material with a patent overlay. I guess my biggest problem is the price more than the material. Cool bag.
  13. Its growing on me, saw IRL. The only thing I'm unsure about is the quilted sides. If it wasn't for that I would be all over it.
  14. Too expensive for a vinyl bag.
  15. I saw this one and tried it on in LV Chanel- it is a really good casual bag- would be a great bag if it were leather- but the vinyl actually felt very cheap to touch- you could probably find better :smile: