What do you think about the new Viktor Rolf purses?

  1. A slow night at home w/ my Marie Claire (March 2008 - pg.72) and I noticed a few of the Viktor & Rolf purses. The write up: "Be the first to carry Viktor & Rolf's new handbags with metal chains - perfectly girly, with a little edge for good measure.

    I like the black one but would have to see it in person........

    The black bag is $2275 and the pink bag not pictured in this post is $1650.
  2. Not cute enough for that price!
  3. Too pricey. Too Zac Posen/Anya Hindmarch.
  4. I agree! Completely!

    Oh, and the shape of the tan one reminds me of the ribbons you win for showing your prize calf at the state fair.
  5. too pricey
  6. Too pricey, I think it's a bit of cocky putting that kind of an price tag on those...
  7. Not my style of bag. But I tend to go for the bigger handbag these days.
  8. I like them, especially the first one that looks like the old 'seal' they use for their logo. But they are really overpriced, so I wouldn't even consider buying it...
  9. I like the black one, but I agree that they are a bit too pricey.
  10. That is absurd. They look unique but there is just no way I would purchase one, even if I could afford it, haha.
  11. I'd rather attempt to save myself more money for a chanel flap than buy that at retail :{
  12. I'm not a fan
  13. Love the brand but the prices are insane for what they actually are. We only let brands like Chanel, LV, and Gucci get away with it because they have a heritage and are highly-recognizable brand name.
  14. I don't like either style.:sad: