What do you think about the new colors of the Legacy Satchel?!

  1. I love both the new colors too.
  2. They're all hot!!
  3. i agree with krispin

    they both are pretty!!
  4. i LOVE that khaki color! it's so versatile!!!
  5. LOVE the brown - yummy.
  6. Pretty!!!
  7. I love the new brown!
  8. i definately want to see them in person.

    love how they just gave up with the names, lol. "aw, screw it! just call it brown!"
  9. love the brown! LOL kallison!
  10. Does anyone know what else will be out in the khaki leather?? I think that will be a great color for me, but not sure that I want a satchel. I am more of a shoulder strap girl.......but I think that color would go with so much.........
  11. Does anyone know what else will be available in the khaki leather??? I love the color, but like a strap rather than the satchel. Thanks
  12. I was wondering this too! I would love to see the Legacy Shoulder Bag in the Khaki or Brown.
  13. It's great to have a favorite bag in different colors. My email to Coach ~ "Legacy Satchel is available in 7 colors it's heavy and $$$! It's a missed opportunity if Coach does not make other bags in these colors as well. I would not hesitate to buy Ali in these colors as well!!!"

    I think they're tired of hearing from me, I received no response!:shrugs:
  14. Hi Entheos! I will try to email Coach too! That is a great idea!! I emailed them a year or so ago, and never heard from them either.....:sad: But maybe if they hear it from several people it will help!!! I can't wait to see that khaki color!!!