What do you think about the new BELLEVUE vernis bag?

  1. I don't know I like it or not but the price is equally to a Reade PM which I have been considering to have one (but I have a concerning with the open top).

    Anyway, I think the shape or BELLEVUE is a bit strange to me but it absolutely has a zipper on top.

    Any ideas? :smile:
  2. Well.. I much prefer the Bellevue to the Reade PM.. I have owned the Reade and it felt like a lunch bag to me.. no offense to anyone.. it just wasn't for me.
    However, The Bellevue is a funny shape to me also.. I think I prefer the Houston shape.
    Best of luck with your decision!
  3. I'm going to see the Houston now :smile:

    But .. it's a bigger bag
  4. Houston gets my vote also! But if considering a hand held, I :heart: my Summit Drive in Amarante. Literally every time I go out with this bag, I get compliments!:smile:
  5. Between the Bellevue and Reade Pm, I'll take the Reade PM. If you want to spend a bit more, go with Roxbury Drive.
  6. I would definitely pick the bellevue over the reade. I agree with the comment that it seems like a lunch bag.
  7. the only thing that I'm not sure I like about the bellevue is the large size of the base. It is quite big. But I love the shape if of it..
  8. anyone got inside pictures of the bellevue? wondering how much it can hold...
    also, can you wear it on the shoulder? or is it just handheld?

    i like the shape of bellevue and the fact that it has a zipper is a plus... i like it more over reade.
  9. Bellevue shape seems ackward whereas the Reade PM really does make an adorable lunch/shopping tote bag. :flowers:
  10. It comes in 2 sizes. The small one for the handheld and the bigger one can wear on the shoulder.:smile:
  11. thanks vicky2007, i wonder if it's comfortable to wear on the shoulder. they look so cute... :smile:
  12. It sort of reminds me of the Saleya a little bit ... but yes, I prefer the Houston as well.
  13. yea the houston seems more practical in shape. i had a bag last time that was about the same shape as the bellevue... and the big base on my bag similar to the bellvue shape is such a hassle... you're carrying it on your shoulder and it's all wide and sticking out at the bottom...i think you'd prefer something more flat on the bottom right? :smile:
  14. I'm not nuts about the shape.
  15. I like both equal.

    I think the reade is really cute , but I have two of them and have never even used them once!
    The bellevue is more secure with the zipper closure, but it kind of wide at the bottom.