what do you think about the naviglio ?

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  1. hi,

    What do you guys think about the naviglio messenger back for a 30's casual to sportswear man ?

    i'm thinking about this bag but does it keep its square shape when it's not completly full ?

    I love accessories so i was planning to attach one of those bag charm, love the jack & lucy one in mono colors but cant find them on the french website, is it available in europe ?

    do you have other ideas ?


  2. Naviglio is great! I love it! I hold what I need and not as bulky as the Bastille IMO. The charms look cute too~!

    I'm thinking of hanging the inclusions haircubes on mine though...:P
  3. Fred:
    Its is sooo not cool to use my picture of my Jack and Lucy that I posted on this website cleary for the sole purpose of displaying our purchases and not for anyone to hijack for their own purposes or post's. I would appreciate you removing it- Thank You...
  4. great idea ! i love the inclusion line but the key chain is too girly.

  5. I dislike the Naviglio highy... it's waay too small.
  6. done your magesty !

  7. realy ! ... i know what you mean, it doesnt carry a laptop or so on but i have a small Dior homme messenger and it look good, it's different.

  8. I think you better quit will you are ahead Fred...
  9. amen
  10. Since you edited your post and took out the two comments- let me post them back up so that we know what this is really about.
    1). You state "Im glad I don't live in the USA" (edited out)
    2) You state "Do you like the song STUPID GIRL" (edited out)
    There- Now Vlad and Meg can view the post..

  11. Proof: I remember seeing both before they were edited out. :yes:

  12. Me too. I remember thinking that the stupid girl comment was so lame!
  13. What photos were stolen? Please PM me or another Mod. . . I'm a little lost.
  14. am i dreaming ?

    i'm a newbie .... i just want to know your opinion about a futur purchase so i'm posting a message with 2 pictures (one with the bag fond on eluxury.com and the other one found on this board).

    with those kind of feedback, yes i'm glad to dont live in the USA and yes you are xxxxx because where is the problem.

    Oh and thank you to the xxxx(john 5) ... you rok guy !

    Last post here


    there's NO immature name calling here.
  15. Hahahaha. Thanks. Your maturity really shows, buddy!

    Can someone say:ban:?
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