What do you think about the mulberry arlington?

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  1. It's undeniably gorgeous, with quality leather/stitching, etc. But the question is, how do you pull off carrying it around? It's very structured/formal looking, so would you only use it for work? Funny how that bag makes me feel so underdressed, but still doesn't keep me from lusting after it.
  2. if u post pics, i think it would help us to give more comments :p
  3. i think it's gorgeous! It's understated but not boring. i would love to find one in black or dark brown.
  4. I want a piccie- can't find it on the website??! (or maybe I'm just being blind!)
  5. Very nice! But quite a formal looking bag indeed. I myself would go for the Ledbury instead.
  6. i think it's cute bag!
  7. It's the smaller version of the Bayswater...if it were a darker color it would be great!