What do you think about the Metal Retro bags frpm S/S 07?

  1. For those of you who have been to the S/S 07 trunk show, did they show the bags from the Metal Retro line? What do you think?

    I want to get a red chanel this season, but I am not sure whether I should get one of these Metal Retro flap bags in red patent, or the red caviar timeless classic flaps with the new chain that has no leather woven in.

    What do you think?
  2. Those came in at NM today; I don't really care for them.

  3. How come you don't care? They don't look that nice IRL?
  4. I think it's cute but not really something I have to have.

  5. Is the line really formal looking? Is the red an orange red? Or fire engine red?

    How big are these bags anyways?

    And do you prefer the caviar timesless classic more?
  6. I saw this in red patent today. I thought it was pretty cute, definitely a bright red.

  7. Do you remember how much? How would you describe the size? Like a medium classic flap?

    Do you find it too formal looking?
  8. It was in a glass display case so I didn't look too closely. It's pretty small, around the same size as a medium classic, maybe even smaller. I didn't find it too formal looking because the color is so bold. It'd be a great bag for going out.
  9. I saw this bag today, in comparison I would say this bag is approx. the size of the LV monogram pouchette. Very nice bright red, definitely not too formal looking.
  10. it looks nice, I'd really like to see it in person.
  11. hmmi think i have a pic of it in the red color in my catalog...its a nice bag, very edgy! if you love it you should get it! i'd want to see the new east-west though!
  12. mmm....the LV monogram pouchette is even smaller than the E/W flap.....that's too small for me I think.

    I wonder whether the metal retro or the caviar red E/W flap is more versatile and easier to wear....probably the caviar E/W uh? The Metro Retro seems to be a very bold, statement piece.
  13. i love the red, but not sure about the bag, i prefer the quilted look.
  14. From a distance I think it looks great -- I like it less up close, however.