What do you think about the Kale Tate bag?

  1. Do you think this bag has enough edge for someone who doesn't want a bag that looks like a work bag? Does it look a bit fun too, or would it be considered pretty conservative? I have not seen one IRL. I read some complaints about the straps not staying up...is that a general problem? I'm wondering if it is always a problem...I have had bags where the strap falls unless there is some weight to the bag and then it's not a problem. I like double strap bags, but not when this is a problem.
  2. It's a great looking bag but the straps are definitely annoying! I think it looks great for work or play.
  3. I wonder if anything can be done to a bag that has an annoying falling strap...like add a tiny tiny square of velcro to the top of the strap? Might work ok if the bag is the same color as the velcro. I know it's not ideal to alter any bag, but if it worked it could make the bag wearable and bearable. :wondering
  4. I also have the Tate in blush... Ya the straps are a little annoying especially putting it on the shoulder but most of the time I hand carry it, I think thats what the intention is... I looked at Shopbop.com and thats how the models were carrying the bag.... Cheer Up!!!!:tup: