What do you think about the horn pendant?

  1. i visited my lovely SA at the weekend and although he knows me well, he thought he just got something for me.
    I was so excited!!!!What could that be???
    He showed me a leather necklace with an huge 0-shaped natural horn pendant.
    He knows that i dont wear fashion-jewellery, but he thought it is very chic...
    It actually is,looked lovely with black skinny jeans, black heels and black top...
    i just dont know if the leather band doesnt turn me to a hippie???:confused1:
    I really would like to hear your general opinion about the horn-jewelleries!!!!
  2. I love that particular necklace.
  3. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!
  4. It sounds fabulous to me!
  5. If it's the one I have, then it's a piece I wear a lot. I love the way it can be shortened or lenghtened. Mine is on a linen/cotton type strap,not leather although it is brown and at first glance looks like leather. I will try and find a photo, I think it is called Isthme and it was on the hermes.com website for a while, good value too for H, LOL. It has a silver 'clou de sellier' insert on one side. I do tend to be casual rather than smart but I don't feel like a hippy in it, LOL, particularly if you wear it shortened.
  6. Allaboutnice,it is exactly the same one as i saw!!!!!
    Do you wear any earrings/other jewellery when you wear this necklace??

    Thanks for your/everyone's feedback!
  7. I usually wear my Hermes earrings, they are very low-key, simple chain d'ancre silver studs. The only matchy matchy thing I do is to wear my clou the sellier silver ring, no-one's ever spotted it matches yet, lol I also wear my stainless steel Hermes arso watch. that's usually pushed up under my sleeve.

    The pendant works well with a fitted shirt, I have quite a smart shirt, fitted black from charles tyrrit, it's very fitted but has a bit of added lycra. If you wear it open-necked, the pendant looks great, almost half-hidden in the 'V'. This shirt has double-cuffs and I steal DHs cufflinks, tiny silver ones from Hermes based around the cage d'ache design. You can see I mange to wear a lot of Hermes by stealth, most of it is very simple and plain so I think (hope!) I get away with it.

    I also wear it full length over plain cashmere tops, I reckon it can be dressed up or down.

    I also bought a plain leather necklace strap from Hermes the other day, it's Barenia leather with contrast stitching and cost about 45 euros, it makes a good alternative to the original darker strap and matches my tan leather accessories, it's easy to swop straps on this pendant.

    Also, the adjustable strap that comes with the pendant has been useful for other things, it can be used with scarf rings etc to make different necklaces.

    LOL, you can tell I love this pendant. It is a nice piece and a bit different, I often get nice comments about it when I'm out and about.

    It might be hard to get hold of if you change your mind later - it's no longer on the web site and I have never seen it anywhere other than the store I bought it from - Cannes in the S of France.
  8. missmarbella, that is what I have too. Bought it a couple of weeks ago. My store didn't have it but I ordered one in. I love it.

    Horn can get scratched, and when it does, it cannot be refurbished. I wear my horn jewellery casually and I never fear a thing. Just be careful of contact with diamond jewellery, just to be safe.
  9. Sounds darling.
  10. Allaboutnice and MrsS thanks for your great info!
    I think i have to hurry and get one!!!
    Allaboutnice, your earrings sounds terrific!!!i need to get those as well!!!!!!
  11. This is the one, isn't it, missmarbella?

  12. Yes MrsS!!!
    Thanks for the pic!!!!
    i think i will give it to myself as a birthday present:yes:
  13. Oh you have to get it! You can shorten the leather strap if you like so tha it is shorter and less obvious!

    Pair it with hoops, diamond studs, or other natural jewelry you may have ( coral, wood, ivory) or any other horn jewelry.

    I LOVE Hermes horn jewelry! Look at the matching cuff bracelt if you can find it!
  14. ^^ I can testify. I've seen QM with her horn jewelry and they are stunning on her. Those with a white shirt or t-shirt are so chic!
  15. QM and tods, look at you enabling over here now!!!

    MM, I think this is a lovely understated piece, and you should definitely get it. Keep us posted!