What do you think about the Hamptons...

  1. ... Weekend Small Tote!?!?!? I convinced my boyfriend to stop by the Coach Store this past weekend, lol... and I ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with this bag (in white). What do ya'll think about it? Anybody that owns it, do you recommend it!? Does the white one get dirty easily??

    Here she is:

    Thanks ladies!!!


    *BTW, thanks to those of you for helping me out with my outfit last week! My boyfriend told me I looked "WOW"... lol... YAY!!!
  2. I like the shape of the bag and the little burst of color!
    How was your birthday, btw?
  3. I like it. Especially the hangtag. Very cute!
  4. I wanted to get it at first... then i saw the ergo... and other things... its my #3 choice if ergo and canvas slim flap fail lol.... oh and it s been in macys for the past 3 weeks and i go every day to check it out and its not dirty, seeing how ppl touch it every day... usually bags at macys get dirty easily if they're white
  5. My birthday actually isn't until Tuesday... SO, I haven't celebrated it yet... lol. BUT, I am flying out next weekend to spend my "birthday weekend" with my boyfriend. The place he wants to take me to is 21 and over, and I won't be 21 until Tuesday (SO EXCITED!!! Lol...) so we decided not to celebrate it until the weekend after as opposed to the weekend before <~ does that make sense, kinda?

    Anyway, thanks for asking though! I'll definitely let ya'll know how everything goes next week... lol...

  6. I have the tote in the patchwork and I :heart: it. The size is great! I am also going to buy one of the solid color ones for sure. Especially since the patchwork is a little bit much to take to the office when you work in invetsments. :rolleyes:
    I think you'll be really happy with it and the fabric is definitely cleaning friendly. Post pics when you get it and happy 21!! Have fun and be safe!
  7. I have a pink and white tote and its SO easy to cleant (just a little dove soap and youll be fine). I would only get it if you wore a lot of yellow in your spring/summer wardrobe. I love the way the green looks (espically with the watermellon charm!).
  8. Happy early birthday!! I just turned 21 in August and it's been a blast :smile: I actually got a little rhinestone tiara that says "21" on it.. You can borrow it if you want? :smile: As for the bag, I LOVE it. I'm in love with all the Hamptons stuff!
  9. I love it!!! I think it is super cute!!

    Happy early 21st B-Day!!:party:
  10. I like it too, the white is awesome.
  11. I think I prefer it in another color but it's what YOU want. I think it's cute although I hesitate when it comes to white bags.
  12. Ita. The bag is very cute but for me personally, white bags aren't the best idea. I try to avoid them actually. And I'm not a huge fan of yellow either but again~it's all about what you like! Style-wise I love the bag and the adorable hangtag.
  13. YAY!!! I'm not too sure why, but I've kinda grown to love the color white... lol. Thanks for all of your input!!!


    ... and for the birthday wishes!!!
  14. I love that style!