What Do You Think About the Hampstead?

  1. Being the fickle LV addict that I am, I am selling my 3 month old Lockit Vertical (it is a little big for me), and want to get something new. I have two Monogram Canvas pieces (a Cabas Piano and a Speedy 40), and a light brown Epi Petit Noe, and now feel drawn to the Hampstead. What do you all think of the Hampstead? And for those of you who have one, which size do you recommend? I'm 5'7 and can pull off the "big bag" look (or at least I think I can!):smile: If I'm able to sell my Lockit Vertical, I will probably go to LV one day next week to get my new baby, and would appreciate your suggestions! Thanks!!
  2. I was a fan until I saw it IRL. Don't like the stiff bottom, sticks out when on the shoulder.
  3. ^^ me too.
  4. looks real pretty on the shelf but imo the PM is just too wide at the bottom! The plate is v pretty though! x Maybe the mm would be better!
  5. I love the bag, hate the red interior, always have lol
  6. love this bag! love everything about it! i have it in MM and it's perfect!
  7. I LOVE this bag!
  8. I tried on the PM and it's two wide on the bottom. Since the handles are kinda long, it doesn't look right hand held or on the shoulder. I ended up getting the speedy 25. You should try it out at the store if possible. You might actually like it.
  9. Pretty bag on the shelf but handles are stiff and base too wide. Try it on before you sell your other bag.
  10. I love the look of the Hampstead. Have to wait until I can see it IRL as I'm worried the bottom is too wide to carry it comfortably.
  11. I'm 5'7" too and love big bags.. so the Hampstead MM is my bag of the moment. A lot of space for my stuff!
    I'm planning to have a special order of the Hampstead MM in Monogram canvas end of this month.

    Go the LV Store first and check it out for yourself. See if it suits you and your purpose.
  12. oooo Hampstead SO in monogram would be great!
  13. I thought it's impossible to have SO on new models. :confused1: You have to wait few years...:shrugs:
  14. I think it's too wide on the bottom. The straps are kind of long. I am 5'6" and it hit me at a wierd place. Right near the hip. ( sort of ) The straps were stiff and awkward. Maybe as the leather gets more worn , it would be different. I sent it back the day after I got it from eluxury. It is a pretty bag, though. The lining is beautiful. The plate is shiny and classy. Try one on IRL , it might be the perfect bag on you.
  15. LV Store Sloane Sq (London) & Manchester told me its possible. I have to pay 30% more than the original price, a down payment of half the price and wait for 6 - 8 months more or less. Plus they told me any regular bag that is in their catalogue, except the limited edition.

    I'm saving for my Hampstead MM (Canvas Monogram) now! he he