What do you think about the Firsts?

  1. Hi!! I was just wondering, I am definetly setting a new bag goal to strat saving up my $$$ for a bag. Do you guys think a First in a dark color would be good for a 4 foot 5 inch girl (mwah), who is 12? (:wtf: is probably what your'e thinking, I know) Can anyone post pics of how much a first can hold? Do you think its too small? What other suggestions do you have?
    TIA :yahoo:
  2. I think it would be really cute - Im 16 only a few years older than you and I have a bbag - youre age is irrelevant, wether you can look after and cherish the bag is relevant. I think you should get it in a lively fun colour but if your dead set on a dark colour go for ink or blueberry (if you can find one) as they have 'pop' unlike the blacks and browns.
  3. love my first! this is all that can fit in it:
    normal and stuffed
    first.jpg first2.jpg
  4. Do you guys think I should get a tad bit bigger size? What other bags do you think?
  5. I much prefer the First style in a lighter and/or brighter color. I haven't seen the darker shades IRL, but my Mom has & when she saw my vert she said it was amazing how much better it looked in a lighter color. She thought the dark shades made the bag look smaller.

    I like the "Twiggy" style and "City" - the twiggy a bit more, I think - just judging from pics - not sure if it looks too sausage-like when jam packed:jammin: , but when it's not it looks great in photo's! I think those look better in darker shades than Firsts do... but that's just my opinion, of course! :smile: Some love the dark shades on a first!
  6. I think that the first size is great. It holds all of the essentials without being oversized.
  7. I agree especially for a 12 year old plus couture_girl youve said your quite petite in previous posts so I think bigger bags would overpower you!
  8. I love the first! I just purchased my first one and couldn't be happier! Can't wait to get another one.
  9. Does anybody else have pics of how much a First can hold?
  10. The First will look great on you! I love the first in black and brights.
  11. There's lottts of pics of the first in the 'what can you fit in your bbag' post... not sure if that's the title :push:

    Size-wise I think it's just PERFECT! I can fit ALOT in mine. It's decieving from the outside, but the inside is quite roomy! I can fit: raybans & case, wallet, keys, cell, big bottle of fish oil, advil, a thin cardigan... of course I don't carry all this, I was just seeing what I can fit :p
  12. I just purchased a First (cornflower - LOVE IT!):heart: and I was completely concerned that it was going to be too small.

    I took it out for a trial run on Saturday for some errands and a hair appointment and it was PERFECT. People haven't stopped complimenting me on the bag. Everything fits and it's light weight (I kept forgetting it was on my arm.)

    I think you'll love it.

    (I have keys, wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, compact, cell phone, and a couple of other misc. items in mine.)
  13. anybody else?
  14. nobody else can help me? :crybaby:
  15. The First would be a good size for you. :yes: