What do you think about the Bubble Collection?

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  1. Hey all!
    So, I saw a magazine ad for the Chanel's bubble collection in the deep emerald green and had to get one. And now, it is sitting in my closet...... I'm totally in love with the color but I am too sure about the Bubble quilt. It's the model with the flap and the magnetic closure.

    Should I keep it or return it?

    Share your thoughts and/or suggestions...

  2. [​IMG]

    is this the same one you got for $2595? it's a really hard to get and i am dying for it....please keep it if you can.....
    if not please PM me which store will you be returning to :P
  3. I like the Bubble Quilt a lot.
    But I would never keep anything I'm not in love with:nogood:
  4. It is soooooooooooo pretty! I would keep it! I love that bag.
  5. I love quilted bubble. Keep it!
  6. I love the BQ collection. The bag you have is super hard to find.
  7. I like it as well. It's so soft and cuddly, and not heavy on the shoulder like some bags.

  8. This exact bag is at the Richmond, VA Saks (or at least it was yesterday). You could try giving them a call .:smile:
  9. I love the color--and the bag is adorable!!!

    If you aren't in love with it, perhaps you should exchange it for something that makes you giddy! It really looks beautiful, though!!!
  10. I think if you have ny hesitation you should return it, go with your instincts.
  11. I love this bag, especially the color. However, if you are even hesitant about the bag, I would exchange it for something you will love and wear.
  12. I have the dark beige zip and love the color and the collection. Maybe try it out
    around the house and see what you think.
  13. I love its softness and squishiness. Like others, I also think that if you're not in love with it, you should make room for other bags :yes:
  14. i was initially toying the idea to get it but did not do so in the end. was afraid that this bag needs babying. but i must say its gorgeous! follow your heart!
  15. It's beautiful!