What do you think about that ? ;)

  1. Hello,

    i've just bought a saddle bag to an ebayer .. but thanks to all of you and to this forum i realized that the bag was a fake !!!

    I contacted the seller to say that is bag was a fake one and that i won't pay for it

    I proposed to him 2 options :

    to cancel the selling using ebay therms when both are agree to cancell the bought.

    or to report him to ebay because i don't want this bag and don't want him to give to me a negative feedback as i don't want to pay

    i said that i was not sure it was fake etc etc

    I told him to cancel the case on ebay and here is what he answered :

    I have told you not to send me threatening mails again! If you want to email me, then do so like a civilised person!

    Ebay system will not allow me to cancel the auction by mutual agreement until the 8th day after the auction ends. So you just have to wait until 8th day! """

    I have never heard about this 8 days to wait to do that .. is he trying to spend time and erase the proof of the bid ? what do you think of that ?

    thanx for your opinion and idéas :smile:
  2. An opinion please ? ;)
  3. Yes, he's truthful on that account. When I had a non payer I had to wait 8 days to file a dispute. And in that dispute is where he has the option to mutualy end the transaction.
  4. Ok thank you ;) i'll manage that in a few days so :smile: