What do you think about Target's Luella totes?

  1. Ok, so after viewing the thread about the Luella totes at Target, I got curious and went surfing online to check them out. But IMO, I think her designs for Target are more of a rock chic style (not really my style). Don't get me wrong, I think they're great for their prices, but I just don't see myself carrying them (no offense to my other PF buddies who love them.)

    What do you think about the totes? :lol:
  2. I apologize ahead of time if this post sounds repetitive... I think it is but I'll keep it here anyways... :shame:
  3. I'd have to see a photo to tell. I haven't seen them IRL.
  4. They have four designs. Their pics from their website are posted below --
    Boots.jpg Cherry Print.jpg Skull Hearts.jpg Graffiti.jpg
  5. Cute, but they seem way too youthful. I like luella's jewelry bits for target, though.
  6. They're cute, but not something I'd wear. I love some of Target's messenger bags & my laptop bag I got there.
  7. Cute, but not for me.
  8. very london
  9. I think they're cute
  10. honestly, it's not really my style either, but i bought one anyway because i needed a sturdy tote. they *do* look really young but i figured i'm 22, and that is young! sometimes i forget that...i need act my age more. it was definately an impulse buy but like i said in the other thread...best 20 bucks i've spent. :smile:
  11. I think it's great that Luella's trying to market to the general public. Everyone should be able to have a nice stylish well-made handbag. Although to be honest though, I'm just glad I don't own one. I guess I'm a purse snob. :Push:
  12. I think they're cute, especially the skulls and hearts. If I needed a tote I might pick one up, even though I'm probably too old for it. :o)
  13. I saw these totes in Target today. They are very cute, and they are in the Junior clothing section. There are clothes there that match the patterns on the bags.
  14. Not really my style. I don't like the patterns.
  15. i think they are too dime-store looking for my tastes...