What do you think about shaving your face ?

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  1. Hi,

    I just watched a Youtube video of a French beauty guru about how she's been shaving her face with this for 7 years : http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41A9WSPd09L._SX450_.jpg

    I was kind of surprised as I've never heard of women shaving their faces with this object. Apparently, it's something women around the world do, but here in France no one does it.

    I thought it looked like a nice idea as the girl in the video said that it helped because having makeup on just makes white peach fuzz stand out even more, and I agree with her on that. Everytime I put my foundation, I feel like my peach fuzz (cheeks, moustache and nose) gets even whiter and just stands out too much. BUT I always take youtubers' opinions with a little grain of salt, that's why I thought I would come see you guys. :graucho:

    I also have a little moustache eheh :biggrin: and I've been getting rid of those hair since I was like 13 :
    - I've tried wax but it just burns my skin and still grows back two days later
    - Been using tweezers but it really takes a long time and I have to redo it pretty much every two days
    - Tried this http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41F2g324glL._SY355_.jpg (electric razor) but it just grows back one day later and I feel like the hair that is black (yeah some of my moustache's hair are black and thicker than the rest - probably because of the tweezers) gets cut like I just shaved with a razor (not very noticeable but really annoying) and I'm scared that this might give me a man's beard :lol: so I only use it when I'm bored of using the tweezers

    NAW, I have a really sensitive skin. :cry: Using the little electric razor gives me a red skin for a couple of hours. As I've said, wax BURNS my face. So, yeah, really sensitive skin, it's actually happening on my whole body (shaving is no fun for me).

    LET'S GET TO THE QUESTIONS, finally. Do you think shaving your face with that little object is bad ? Like, that it could grow thicker or darker ?
    Do you personally shave/wax your face ?
    Also, as I have a sensitive skin and hair that grows back REALLY fast, do you think I could get red skin or spots from using this object ? And do you think I would have to do it every two days like I have with everyone else ? (The girl in the video said that she only had to do it every month but... you know how wax says "CLEAN FOR THREE WEEKS" huhuh NUP one day later and it's already grown...).

    Thank you very muchhh if you take the time to answer me ! :smile:
  2. Don't do it!
    I have an aunt who shaved her peach fuzz and now she needs to shave every day and has stubble like a man! She was warned not to, and she didn't have that much, now it is a daily chore and she looks terrible. Over 40 years shaving her face now.... Sad.
  3. I use one of those little electric shavers like the one that you posted. I have lots of white peach fuzz and I'll shave it every once in awhile. It doesn't grow back dark. Comes back as the same ole peach fuzz.

    I lasered my upper lip (dark hair) but laser won't work on me with the light peach fuzz/white skin so I shave. I could thread it but my skin is older and threading irritates it. Not too keen on waxing it either so I don't have many options.
  4. They say Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe used to do this. Good for exfoliation.
  5. There are a couple of devices that I have tried..

    One is the EMJOI ( an epilator).. it takes a couple of treatments to get used to the
    sensation & does a great job, the other is DERMAFLASH ( a device that removes fine
    peach fuzz hair & exfoliates the skin)

    Both do a very thorough job ** Dermaflash** is meant to be used once a week
    the EMJOI as needed (best to be used after a shower & can be used on face, underarms,
    bikini & leg area)

    Have not found that hair grows back thicker, darker or coarser.

    These devices are gentle on the skin as I have extremely sensitive skin & if one
    does experience redness, it is their for a short period of time.

    I prefer this method to waxing, shaving, depilatory.

    Interesting enough, both these devices can be purchased on QVC with a 30 day money
    back if not satisfied..
  6. Christie Brinkley does it and so does Leah Rimini. I have been facial planing for about a year now and no black hairs have grown in. I do it about twice a week or so. It really makes makeup go on smoothly! It also is really good to use your anti aging products afterward as they absorb in to your skin so much better.
  7. Marilyn Monroe worked with the peach fuzz on her face, she didn't shave it. She left it there because it gave her face a glow.
  8. All of the little white hairs all over your body are called vellus hair. These differ from terminal hairs, which is the courser colored hair that grows on your legs and other places.
    Once shaved, vellus hair will grow back blunter and more noticeable, but will not grow back as terminal hair unless you have hirsutism. If you have any kind of hair growing in places it shouldn't, you have hirsutism. Hirsutism can be caused by a bunch of issues, so you should probably see your doctor to find out which one you have.

    In general, I don't like the idea of shaving anything (at all!), but I do it if I have to. My main concerns are always: cutting myself, ingrown hairs, and shaving bumps (I get these on my legs sometimes, it's a drag).

    I certainly wouldn't shave my face. Have you considered laser hair removal?
  9. Don't shave!! If then your skin can not protect from any dust and whatever, your skin will get worse.
  10. I wouldn't shave my face. I'd be afraid of having stubble. I have my upper lip threaded. Some women have their whole faces threaded. I think a lot of the women who do this are Middle Eastern - maybe because they have darker facial hair? If the peach fuzz really bothers you, I'd do threading before I'd shave.
  11. There are other methods to use to eliminate facial hair & many say that
    shaving causes hair to grown back thicker & darker& stubble, is not accurate,
    but this is a very individual feeling

    I have facial hair & I use an epilator & glad to report that the hair on my upper
    lip & sideburns has not grown back thicker, darker or with stubble & have been
    epilating for a good period of time.

    Personally would not wax as for me it caused irritation..
  12. I use a small razor like that for my eyebrows and the fuzz around my brows. It does not cause it to come in thicker or more noticeable. I've also shaved my arms now and then, and the hair there did not change either.

    I do have a lot of peach fuzz, which bugs me when applying foundation. So I've been considering shaving or epilating my face. The only thing making me hesitate is adding the extra step to my beauty routine. :/

    Age can cause hair to come in thicker/darker.
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  13. Give epilating a try on your face...I have had good results & over time
    have not seen thicker/darker facial hair on my face or arms come in
  14. I have never shaved my face. I really don't see a need for me as my peach fuzz is very very pale and not really noticeable.
  15. Id never shave my face, you can have it threaded which is way more face friendly
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