What do you think about red pumps / peeptoes?

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  1. Hello everybody!

    Today I saw a beautiful pair of red peeptoes, but I don't know if red shoes are too "*****y". What do you think about red pumps / peeptoes? I saw some nice pictures of Christina Aguilera with red pumps and on her they look very feminine. Now I don't know if I should buy them!
    Do you have red shoes? (pictures wanted!! :biggrin:)
    If you have nice pictures of outfits with red shoes, please post them! Because the other question I have is how you would combine them.

    I'm interested in your opinions :smile:
  2. I think they are a must have for everyone! They can add a little pop of color to a boring suit and look great with a LBD. Definitely not "*****y" but if you are worried about that you can get a deeper shade of red (burgandy, etc.) instead of fire engine or cherry red. Also depending on the material of the shoe the red can be more subdued (i.e. my red patent shoes stand out a lot more than my red suede shoes).

    I bought these in cherry red from my local Saks and as soon as I put them on, the salesman there (not the one who was helping me, mind you) was like "Oh you need to buy those." Red is totally sexy!

  3. I love red shoes - I have a pair of peep toes and and pair of high heeled mary janes - they are surprisingly versatile - wear them with yellow, blue, leopard print... etc
  4. EVERYONE needs red shoes, whether they're tennies, flats, or pumps!


    Christian Louboutin Matastrasse Velvet Orlato pumps with a dress I made.


    Ferragamo Varinas with my vintage "Dick Tracy" Escada coat.

    Red shoes just command attention in their own special way, moreso than any other color shoe.
  5. I agree with the other ladies, red shoes are a must! And are surprisingly easy to wear, so if you can find a pair you like and that are comfortable go for it! Just think, even a simple outfit like a white tee shirt and jeans can look fresh with a great little pop of red!
  6. A pic of me with a pair of red Guess "Carrie" pumps:

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  7. I love red shoes!! They add a great pop of color to neutrals or complement a print with red in it... lot of options! :smile: I have a pair of red patent pointy toe heels that look great with jeans. I also bought these on sale recently and love the detailing... and the color, of course! :love:

  8. ^^^Those are gorgeous!!
  9. I agree, everyone needs a red shoe!
  10. Everyone needs it.. as far as it bein a little *****y.. :smile: Its ok to bring the ***** out sometimes~
  11. Thank you, annemerrick! :heart:

    Haha, labelmom5, that's so funny (and kinda true, too)! :P
  12. Red shoes can be very commanding, in a feminine "don't mess with me" way. Here's the pair I have:

  13. I'm wearing a pair today, leather with a 3" heel
  14. I don't think they look '*****y'. I love red shoes and they are very feminine looking!
  15. :heart: my Sergio Rossi Eelskin shoes

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